The Anti-playlist

Playlists don’t suck, but albums are great

We love albums and listening to songs in the way the artist intended. The Anti-Playlist is a place to showcase great albums, front to back.

Currently: Grizzly Bear - Shields

Indie royalty right here. Grizzly Bear has always been a major influence with our band and this record is collectively in our top 5 records of all time. “Yet Again” might be my favourite song. ever. honestly. I could talk about this record for hours, but I won’t. Just listen to the dang thing! It never gets old.

Released 2012 via Warp Records. For more info:

past weeks

  1. Elliott Smith - Either/Or

  2. D.D Dumbo - Utopia Defeated

  3. Big Thief - Masterpiece

  4. The Morning Benders (aka Pop Etc) - Big Echo

  5. Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger In The Alps

  6. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

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