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We love albums and listening to songs in the way the artist intended. The Anti-Playlist is a place to showcase great albums, front to back.

Currently: Big Thief - Masterpiece

This album, and really this band, has been a huge inspiration to Close Talker. We were all incredibly captivated when we literally stumbled upon them at SXSW in 2016, on our way to see another cool band, Porches. We stopped in at a small club en route and were serenaded by this entrancing band, that we later learned was Big Thief. There were about thirty of us in the bar listening to them, all feeling as though we were apart of this special secret, all wondering why there weren’t thousands of people flocking to see Big Thief. A few months later, Big Thief released this timeless record entitled ‘Masterpiece’ and has since gained traction and recognition for their vivid song writing and raw style. Hope you enjoy. - M

Released 2016 via Saddle Creek Records. For more info:

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